Human-inspired Robot Hands and Manipulators

Empowering interdisciplinary research in the areas of robotics, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive science.

Designed with Dexterity and Reliability in mind.

Our models feature offer advanced mechanical capabilities and real-time, high-frequency data feedback: position, speed, PWM output and high-resolution measurement of current. By combining these parameters users can infer a variety of information, such as, estimation of force.

Specially designed fingers with magnetic detachment, Dyneema (a Kevlar fibre) tendons and reinforced shell and elbow attachments ensure protection and durability in day-to-day use.

“ Combining Dexterity, optimized Weight and Payload capability “

19 degrees of freedom, 8 smart actuators
All actuators contained inside the unit.

Advanced sensing and Data Acquisition on all actuated joints.
Palm TOF distance sensor
Optional Capacitive touch pads for richer H.R.I. experiences

PAYLOAD: 3D space 750g; Vertical pull 2.50kg
Weight 620g

The same form factor can be built in two configurations

RH5D | Optimized for Payload applications

14 Degrees of Freedom, 5 smart actuators
PAYLOAD: 3D space 350g; Vertical pull 600g

RH7D | Optimized for Human Robot Interface applications

16 Degrees of Freedom, 7 actuators
Capable of a comprehensive array of hand expressions and interactions.


Manipulator System

The advanced technology of the Human Robot hands, in a compact form factor.

RH4D | Best payload capability

11 Degrees of Freedom, 4 smart actuators
PAYLOAD: 3D Space 500g; Vertical pull 2.50kg

RH2D | Extremely light-weight - only 175g
Ideal for Small Robot Arms and Biped Humanoids

10 Degrees of Freedom, 2 smart actuators
PAYLOAD 3D Space & Vertical pull 400g

Neuro-cognitive research platform for embodied sensorimotor computational and cognitive models in the context of multimodal interaction.

Open Source, developmental humanoid robot, NICo fills a gap between necessary sensing and interaction capabilities and flexible design.