Human-inspired, Adult-size Robot Hand



The RH8D features 19 degrees of freedom, including opposable thumb and a full spherical wrist joint.

Additionally, 3-segment, fingers are independently controlled by smart actuators.

The under actuated design aims to provide the right balance between fine user-control and conformance to the shape of the objects



Featuring 8 compact, yet powerful actuators users have individual control of:

  • Wrist Rotation, Wrist Flexion and Wrist Adduction

  • Thumb adduction and Thumb flexion

  • Index finger flexion

  • Middle finger flexion

  • Ring finger and little finger combined actuation with tendon tension equalization
    (each finger conforms to the object shape individually)



The advanced EROS control board and smart actuators provide real-time, high-frequency - up to 120Hz - feedback of (data available from all actuated joints):

  • position

  • speed

  • temperature

  • PWM output (with direction)

  • High resolution current measurement.

A Palm TOF distance sensor detects the proximity of presence of objects.

By combining the available data users can infer additional information such as the estimation of force.

Capacitive pads may be optionally installed at the back of the hand for richer H.R.I. experiences.


  • Open source ROS package

  • Python (PyPot)

  • Low level Serial Protocol (UART)

Logic Interfaces

  • UART over RS485
    (or Full or Half duplex TTL - compatible with Robotis systems)

  • USB interface: for Configuration and Maintenance

  • Optional Bluetooth: online maintenance and diagnostics.

Performance & Payload

The internal actuators are capable of up to each, offering:

  • Payload (Vertical pull): 2.50kg

  • Payload (3D space): 750g

  • Weight: 620g
    (all actuators are contained inside the unit)

When assembling on Robot arms, it is possble to bypass the built-in Wrist Rotation DoF and use the Arm’s own rotation DoF, if convenient.

Technical Data

  • Supply Voltage: 9V to 24V

  • Embedded processor: 32bit Arm Cortex M4
    Dedicated co-processor for each smart actuator

ISO 9409-1-50 mounting adapter available (fits most robot arms)
Custom adapters can also be produced on customer’s request.