Who are we?

Seed Robotics is a EU company, now based in Lisbon, a vibrant technological community (after all, the Web Summit is held here!)

If there’s one thing, common to all of us at Seed Robotics, is that, as kids, we loved taking apart our toys!

Marco Prata

Co-founder, Hardware Scientist

Marco has joined the Robotics scene in 2010 after gathering experience in a comprehensive range of technologies.

Since founding Seed Robotics his main role is researching new and innovative approaches to humanoid robot hands and robots.

 Pedro Ramilo

Co-founder, Lead Software Architect

Pedro’s first contact with [Humanoid] Robotics was back in 2007 when the Robotis Bioloid Humanoids were quite popular, pretty much in all areas (research, competition and hobby).

He really, really, loves light, efficient code… and most of the time Arm Cortex M processors.

 They’re joined by a team that’s as passionate as any of them.

That’s the great thing about Robotics: it captures everyone’s imagination. And making it real, makes it even better.

If you want to be part of this great adventure, get in touch via seed@seedrobotics.com